About BACB

BACB are a Holistic Decarbonisation Consultancy and Developer valued for its delivery track record, integrity and independence.

Our key strengths are our expert knowledge of the Renewables, utility, biogas, and hydrogen sectors and our ability to draw on a wealth of experience spanning from broad strategic, complex multi-stakeholder programmes, to deep operational experience.

We understand the practical implications for companies looking to deploy these and have the vast networks of credible installers to realise Projects.

We are a respected specialist consultancy that has grown as a result of the quality of work delivered by our high-calibre consultants and approved installers.

Managing Director

Dr. Lloyd Glanville


Business Development Director

Ciaran Sharpe


Special Projects Director

Bernard Sharpe

Meet the Team

Kevin Blakiston, IEng PGDip BSc(Hons) MIET

Kevin possesses over 40 years as an Electrical Engineer and Economics Consultant who has worked all over the world on every continent (except Antarctica) on utilities and electrical supply. In the UK, he was instrumental in authoring the regulatory frameworks that led to the segmentation of the UK grid into the Distribution Network Operators we know today.

Kevin provides grid consultancy services and utility project services to clients as well as our in-house energy projects development function.

Principal Consultant – Connections

Daniel Harker

Daniel joined BACB back in September 2021, as a Chemical Engineering Degree Apprentice, with his academic studies through the University of Strathclyde. Prior to joining BACB he has collaborated with consultants internationally to provide the latest market analysis on biomethane, hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage, alongside publishing articles.

At BACB, he supports the development of biogas upgrading and hydrogen projects, conducting financial analysis and policy/subsidy mapping.

Junior Consultant – Biogas and Hydrogen

Neil King, MIOEE

Neil King is a Director of CERT CIC, a specialist social enterprise support organisation.

He works with BACB to minimise the impact of rising energy costs on Charities, Social Enterprises, and voluntary organisations. We help design cost-effective renewable solutions, link organisations to suitable finance (including social investment) and support organisations in preparing business plans and applications.

Sector Specialist – Communities

Caroline Bosher & Fiona Green

At Pubs for the Planet we champion the best eco-friendly pubs, breweries, distilleries and vineyards across the UK.

Our clients want to operate in the most environmentally-friendly way possible while benefiting from reduced costs, so we introduce them to BACB Renewables when they are ready to explore sustainable energy options.

This can be solar panels on a pub roof with associated battery storage, wind turbines powering a distillery, heat pumps in lieu of a traditional boiler at a winery, or an anaerobic digestion system to create energy to power a brewery using their own bio-waste.

Sector Specialist – Food & Drink

Sean Thorton

Sean Thornton is Managing Director and owner of one of the UK’s largest privately owned Health Clubs.

His career has spanned 32 years in the industry, with a personal achievement of not only surviving but thriving after the COVID-19 pandemic with 18% growth to the Health Club.

He works with BACB to support others in the Hospitality Fitness and Leisure industry on their transition to reduce carbon and energy costs.

Sector Specialist – Hospitality, Fitness and Leisure

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