The Newbald
Energy Company CIC (NEC)

Goals of NEC

Reduce electricity costs for the individuals in the community

Build resilience by providing locally generated and stored green power

Encourage shift away from fossil fuels

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Why Newbald?

Strong community

Newbald Parish Council and many residents keen to embrace renewable energy

Not on gas mains. Most residents burning oil for heating

Already turbines local

Summary Technical Plan

  • NEC will be autonomously operated and controlled with local ownership
  • Renewable energy generation, mostly from NEC turbine
  • Private wire to village sub-station – thereafter using existing distribution to residents
  • Battery storage to balance village microgrid
  • Excess power sold to grid
  • Residents incentivised to go green and increase domestic energy efficiency

2-2.5 mW turbine

  • Similar size to local
  • More efficient, newer tech

Automated management system with distributed ledger saved in 'the cloud'


  • Distribution to ‘members’ within the village
  • Keeps track of all power consumption, production, storage and member balance
  • Makes sell/ buy decisions to grid
  • Optimal battery storage – lease spare capacity to grid (when wind blowing and forecast to continue)

Existing infrastructure leased from Northern Powergrid

Private wire to village sub-station

  • Circa 2-4mWh storage
  • Balancing when not windy


  • Only buy electricity from NEC
  • Use oil for heating or switch to electric heating


  • Produce and consume electricity
  • If using PV, can send back to NEC for 'credit'
  • Potential for ground source and/or air source heating

Grid backup (if generator failure and batteries depleted)

Sell excess generated power to grid

What next?

This project has been completed and report submitted to Newbald Parish Council & Tees Valley. The project is not feasible at this moment in time but looks very positive in the next couple of years where we will reassess the scheme.

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