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One solution does not fit all! Achieving a net zero future requires bespoke and integrated technology along with robust financial solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of specialist consultants support clients in their decarbonisation journey. We apply a technology agnostic approach to identifying bespoke solutions working with trusted partners to provide the high-quality projects that enable you to have peace of mind and continue conducting you daily business.

It is critical to identify, optimise, and design a feasible solution before deploying capital. Our core business is providing clients with technoeconomic evaluations, and our feasibility studies have saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in avoidable project capital as a result.

Solar Photovoltaics | Heat Pumps | Biogas

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar photovoltaics are the most accepted form of renewable energy with gigawatts of green electricity generated daily. They require ultraviolet light not bright sunshine, so they still work on cloudy days too. We have developed large and small scale solar photovoltaic projects across the world.

Our consultancy service supports clients to ensure they get the most appropriate scheme for them. Our expertise covers small commercial roof mounted solar all the way through to very large ground mount solar farms.

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Heat Pumps

A mainstay of heating used in Europe and Scandinavia; heat pumps are becoming more established in the UK. Heat pumps draw their energy from the environment in which they are installed. Examples include air source, ground source and water source.

Unfortunately heat pumps received misguided negative press which is not because of the technology but rather the design. A professionally installed heat pump will deliver reliable low carbon heat with exceptionally high coefficients of performance compared to combustion heating. The key component in deploying a successful heat pump project is planned design. We provide independent evaluation services to identify the best heat pump solution for your specific project.

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Biogas is produced from decomposition of organic waste. By deploying technologies to clean these raw biogas streams we can extract biomethane which can be injected into the gas network or used in vehicles. Biomethane is a low carbon fuel that is another important gas to help us achieve net zero with the UK Government offering subsidy schemes such as the Green Gas Support Scheme or Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates. We provide project development consultancy services and can also supply biogas clean-up plants, and biomethane compression or liquefaction solutions to clients too.

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Other Services We Offer

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

We have access to various financial instruments that means you don’t necessarily have to carry the financial burden of the investment required for your renewable energy projects. PPA’s work like a traditional energy contract where the investor deploys the technology then charges you an energy tariff which is significantly lower than the energy markets. In addition, you don’t need to worry about operations or maintenance as these are covered by the investment vehicle, leaving you to run your business.

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